• Financial Planning

    Bringing a unique blend of clarity, simplicity and organization to the pursuit of your financial goals, no matter how ambitious or modest they may be.

  • Stock and Bond Portfolio Management

    Individually managed investment portfolios and risk-management solutions, designed and executed to meet individual needs and conditions.

  • Managed Mutual Fund Portfolios

    A customized blend of investment themes represented by unaffiliated mutual fund managers considered to be “best of breed” in their respective categories.

  • Banking Services

    A menu of full-service features that include Check Writing, Online Bill Pay, a Visa Gold Debit / ATM Card, Mortgage Lending, and Equity Lines of Credit.

  • Annuity Strategies

    Investment solutions offered through premier insurance companies that can provide tax-deferred growth and secure lifetime income.

  • High Net Worth Services

    Sophisticated strategies to address the unique needs of high net worth clients, including the diversification of highly concentrated positions.

  • Trust and Estate Planning

    Personal Trust Services, providing a combination of financial and estate planning, as well as health and aging services.

Gary Packnick
Financial Advisor

Dedicated to the
professional management
of investment assets
for individuals and families.

Financial Planning

Making the time to sit down and go through a review of your financial situation is something you promise yourself you’ll do, but you always find reasons to put it off. You’re successful and busy. You have a lot of responsibility and many commitments. Your family and friends are a high priority.

Completing a Financial Review enables you to examine your financial situation and do what’s needed to be confident that you’ll meet your needs and fulfill your dreams.

The first step, “Getting Started,” may be the most difficult. It requires a commitment of scarce resources — time, energy, and focus. But the rewards can be well worth the investment. Packnick Financial realizes that your financial goals are unique to you, and is committed to working individually with you to address them.

Stock and Bond Portfolio Management

Ours is a world of complex financial issues requiring more data, more time, and more focus than most of us have in order to manage assets prudently. Global capital markets are changing rapidly, and while investment decisions are not always made daily, they must often be made quickly.

For clients who qualify for the Private Investment Management program, Packnick Financial has discretionary authority over asset allocation, selection of securities, timing of transactions, and rebalancing decisions.

Portfolios are constructed and managed in adherence to the personal guidelines and risk tolerances of each individual client, and periodically reviewed against appropriate benchmarks. Equally as important, the program can be easily modified as a client’s objectives change over time.

Managed Mutual
Fund Portfolios

Over a lifetime of investing, trends come and go — but certain fundamental principles endure. These include diversification, discipline, consistency, and the value of experienced guidance. For fund investors, our Managed Mutual Fund Portfolios offer neatly packaged combinations of these four principles.

A thorough review of our clients’ objectives, time horizon, and risk profile helps narrow the field of more than 40 model portfolios down to a more manageable group of choices.

Once investment assets are allocated, fund managers are monitored for consistency of investment style and performance. The discipline of periodic rebalancing removes emotional guesswork and market timing from the picture, while maintaining consistency of asset allocation. And all of the funds, with their diversity in themes and styles, are able to be held in a single investment account.

Banking Services

Packnick Financial takes your Brokerage Account a step further by including the most popular and convenient features of banking, thus making it an all-inclusive financial management resource.

Your money is never inactive. All interest, dividends and deposits are reinvested daily into your selected sweep options. If you elect direct deposit for your paycheck, pension, or social security, dividends are earned immediately. And our Advantage Platinum program provides quick access to cash through a Visa Gold card at ATM’s throughout the world.

With unlimited, no-minimum check writing, it’s easy to track your expenses by checking off a category box on each check. The codes are then printed on your monthly statements. One of our most popular time-saving conveniences is our Online Bill Pay Service, allowing you to pay anyone in the United States 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Annuity Strategies

Packnick Financial strongly believes that having a downside strategy in place to protect future income could be a vital component of your investment portfolio. As investors approach or enter retirement, they naturally become more sensitive to gains and losses.

Annuities are long-term retirement vehicles that combine the features of an investment product and an insurance contract. Structured properly, they can help provide lifetime income options for you, and a guaranteed death benefit for the protection of your beneficiaries, regardless of how the market moves.

The underlying investments can be diversified among various asset classes utilizing a multiple-manager platform, and modeled to fit your individual profile. And with the benefit of tax deferral, any earnings will compound without current income tax until you actually withdraw them or until they are distributed to you.

High Net Worth Services

Clients with net worth of $5 million or more can access markets or investment strategies that are generally not easily accessible by individuals or smaller institutional investors. These “Alternative Investments” encompass a range of opportunities that can serve to complement a traditional portfolio. Two examples are as follows:

Exchange Funds (not to be confused with exchange-traded funds) offer clients with large concentrated stock positions (who very often have a low cost basis) immediate diversification by allowing them to “exchange” shares of their single position for shares of a professionally managed portfolio. Because of the way an Exchange Fund is structured, the swap does not trigger any capital gains taxes.

Private Equity and Direct Investment Funds allow clients to participate in industries or companies that are not accessible to investors through the public marketplace, including pre-IPO companies.

Trust and Estate Planning

Our Personal Trust Service Group can provide the very latest in estate planning tools and solutions. A wealth of benefits are offered by some of the most common types of trusts we administer:

Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust
Charitable Remainder Trust
Dynasty Trust
Grantor Retained Trust
Revocable Living Trust
Family Trust

Too often, setting up a Trust means having to establish a new relationship for investment management. However with the broad range of investment programs available through our firm, we have the ability to create an investment strategy appropriate for the objectives of your Trust, even when it includes non-financial assets such as real estate, collectibles, or the assets of closely-held businesses.

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